The Man with No First Name


First, thank you for your interest in Broken Arrow Riding Club.

As the founder of Broken Arrow, horses are as much a part of me as dogs and cats are to others. And for me, not being involved with horses would be the same as taking away your favorite passion.

As a young child, I can still remember the first day that I saw horses and their riders gallivanting in Washington Park. I was only 8 years old when the excitement of seeing these giant horses and skillful riders in the middle of the city marked the beginning of my lifelong relationship and respect for these magnificent creatures.

Most of my adult life has been committed to spearheading activities that would help others find enjoyment from horse involvement. These activities have certainly brought together a large group of cowboys, cowgirls, and buckaroos for parties, horse rodeo shows, visits to schools/hospitals, and of course, the Highnoon Ride and Picnic.

I hope you will join to lend a hand to help build an equestrian center in Chicago to share, teach and continue to learn the skill of horsemanship. Remember, with horses, you are forever learning.


​President & Founder